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Junk Buster

Debris Removal and demolition



Serving property managers/REO agents and landlords with distresses or abandoned property clean-outs.  Providing trash and debris removal services for individuals/businesses, homeowner's association's and contractors.  Everything collected is disposed of properly or recycled whenever possible.


Demolition services include: Hot tub removal, Shed teardown, Deck removal, Fence tear-down, Fire or Water damage mitigation, Carpet and Pad removal, Small to Medium tree felling, Construction or Remodeling site clean-up's and debris haul away. 

Now offering small skid steer services also (spread gravel, rocks or dirt . Move heavy materials and objects) My Bobcat is only 36 inches wide so can fit in very tight areas/yards and even able to drive it inside some structures to do demolition work! 


Free on-site written estimates for hoarding/clutter situations and Estate clean-out's (blood borne pathogen certified to properly handle and dispose of bio-hazard contaminated materials and medical supplies/needles).  Also handle removal of bed bug infested items, sewage or filth contaiminated materials.